Saturday, 10 September 2011

Cica Zhou Weitong (周伟童)

Name: Cica Zhou Weitong (周伟童)
Nationality: Chinese
Birthday: 26 August, 1982
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 50kg
Measurements: 34-24-35
Occupation: Model, actress
Accolades: Won the 2000 Sixth China Model Star Contest winner and the “Most Popular Model Award”, 2000-2001 as the “China Top Ten professional fashion model”, Voted #8 in FHM Taiwan's 2011 "100 Sexiest Women in the World"
Movies: 2005年《大荒野》金意勋导演饰演女主角赵岚, 2006年《爱的是你》许书琦导演饰女主角馨雨, 2009年《决战刹马镇》导演李蔚然主演:林志玲、孙红雷
Drama: 2003年《夏日里的春天》唐辉导演饰演女主角妙歌, 2004年《天地真情》何耀宗导演(香港) 饰演女主角刘曼

Born in Gui Zhou province in China, Cica was an athelete before becoming model. She won the 6th Annual National Modeling contest and was rated as one of the top model in China.

She began acting and was casted as the lead actress in the TV series 《天地真情》in 2003 and 《夏日里的春天》in 2004. In 2005, she starred in the movie《大荒野》”Wilderness”.

It was her role as Miao Ge in the TV series 《夏日里的春天》 that she became well known in the industry and is China's answer to Taiwanese supermodel and actress Lin Chi-ling 林志玲.

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