Thursday, 1 December 2011

Elaine Yuki Wong

Name: Elaine Yuki Wong
Nationality: Singaporean
Birthday: Nov 8, 1988

Elaine Yuki Wong was a full-time model-blogger born in Singapore to a Hong Kong father and a Singapore mother and has always been crazy about Korean and Japanese pop culture.

In April 2011, after beating 3,000 other hopefuls, Elaine was offered a full contract up to 5 - 7 years from a Singapore-based entertainment company, Alpha Entertainment to be part of a five-member Korean girl group.

But the trade-off for fame is tough. For the next five years, they’ll be under a strict management that watches their every move. They have to call their managers "appa" and "umma" (father and mother in Korean). They cannot carry mobile phones. They are stripped of their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They are also not allowed to wear make-up while keeping their sunglasses on all the time.

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